Adventures in Shadow Stitch

I had been wanting to try shadow stitch for a while as I always thought it was exceedingly pretty, I also wanted to make my sister something for Christmas, she is always knitting me lovely things. As I am the slowest damn knitter in the world, I have really bad habit of putting it down, not marking where I was and having to start some of, if not all of it, again. Genius I know right?  I thought it would probably best to sew something  instead.

I did a few practise runs of the basic stitch and then drew this to embroider.DSC01948

And ta dah here is the first sample, the light is not the greatest to show off the actual shadow stitch but I ended up making it into a Birthday gift for a friend and errr took the photos in a hurry before wrapping it took the photos in an organised manner, obviously. The photos from the underside of the design make it a bit easier to see what’s going on.

DSC01935 DSC01938 DSC01939 DSC01940

And here it is as a finished present – I covered the back of the hoop in felt and stuck it on with contact glue. Didn’t exactly air the room whilst doing it, forgot how strong it was, may have inadvertently stiffed glue. Don’t do that at home kids. Lesson learnt for the day open windows in room before the use of said glue. Anywho here are the pictures of it as a finished thing.


And here is the back with a birthday message sew on it, a highly original one I might add – ok maybe not but you can’t blame a girl for trying…..



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