Things to do before 30

This year I will hit the bit 3-0 and though it’s not the end of the world, I thought I’d give myself a list of things to do to make the last year of my twenties more memorable. So here it is…..

  • Climb to the top of Monument – I’m not entirely sure why I want to this, probably the masochist part of me – there are a LOT of steps. But apparently you get a certificate when you’ve reached the top. Winning.
  • Learn to swim – this is quite a big deal, I get freaked out when my feet don’t touch the floor. Which at 5’2 isn’t exactly very far into the pool.
  • Start running – I have actually started this, when I say run it’s more of a fast walk/jog but I’m getting there.
  • Take a tap class – because who doesn’t want to be a combination of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers?
  • Take more pictures and actually print and frame them – I am crap at this, end of.
  • Learn to make Macarons – because I need more cake in my life.
  • Go for Cream Tea at the Dorchester – I have wanted to do this for years and again I NEED more cake in my life.
  • Start a blog – well here it is – ta bloody dah
  • Learn to meditate – I am a massive stressbag and have crappy sleeping habits and it might help sort it out.
  • Knit a jumper or a cardigan – After knitting for years I have never knitting anything more wearable than a scarf. So I need to sort that shit out.
  • Clear out my crap – so many years of useless stuff that just shouldn’t be there anymore.
  • Learn another song on the guitar – right now I have ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ and that’s it. Not such a good time but it is a winning combination of three chords that even I can get right.
  • Make an apple pie – I have an irrational fear of making pastry.
  • Spend my 30th Birthday in Paris – oh yeah, on it like a bonnet.
  • Have cocktails at the Savoy Hotel – again wanted to do it for years.

So there it is, I have seven months to do it all so wish me luck!

And because that probably wasn’t all that exciting to anyone but me, here is a picture of the infamous Bibi sitting inside my cardigan whilst I am wearing it.



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