Coming Soon….

February has been the month of  ills, I have been fighting off bugs since the end of January and it culminated with Tonsillitis which is still happening, it’s been a real funtime. So to cheer myself up I bought Tilly’s new pattern, here’s a badly taken photo of said pattern…


It came in the post today, it was an exciting time, you cannot even imagine. Bear in mind I haven’t been out of the house in four days. I did get to go to the Doctor to get drugs – that was by no means an exciting time.  Anyway, I also bought this to make it in, Minnie Mouse eat your heart out. Yeah that’s right, it’s what every grown Woman should aspire to, to look like a cartoon mouse.

I am super excited about this as you can probably tell.  I have wanted to make something out of a knit fabric for ages and this should be perfect to get started with. Also Tilly is awesome and if you haven’t already you should ch-ch-ch-check out her blog (forgive me Beastie Boys)

Ages ago I got given a gift voucher from work because I had never been late in the entire year – this because I am an anal time freak as all my lovely friends reading this are fully aware of. With it I bought a lot of sewing porn, among that was the lovely Japanese sewing book ‘Feminine Wardrobe’ and I have selected the fabric and traced of the pieces to make the lovely number on the left.


The plan is to have both these made by Mid March because that would be great and also because I have a lot of birthday parties to go to. A lot of us are turning 30 this year. Eeeepppp!

And because no post would be complete without some cat love, here is Bibi ‘helping me’ trace off the pattern piece from the above book.


Bet you wish your bedroom floor was as tidy as mine – it has since been tidied but you’ll just have to take my word for that.


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