The ‘Almost Gave up’ Dress

Well Hello there!

This lovely number is my first forray into the patterns in ‘The Feminine Wardrobe’, my Mum had bought me the fabric aeons ago. So long ago in fact she had no recollection of buying it, even when I brought it all the way home to show her. Clearly both me and my Mother are on the ball….


I didn’t bother to do a toile for this number as it’s kinda like a tent until you pair it with a belt. Having said that I did almost give up on it – there was swearing but I err pulled through to the end with grace, well maybe not but I did finish the dress! It was the facing that was a bit of pain but the instructions are relatively clear if you have a vague notion of what you’re doing. Which isn’t always the case if you’re me!


This is obviously my serious modelling post. Damn straight.


The dress is meant to have a sash tie in matching fabric, I didn’t have enough to do this but I think it works quite well with contrasting red. It does give me an excuse to make another one, with hopefully less swearing. I have my eye on something like this polka dot number.

And finally here is a cheeky lining shot.


And there you have it ‘The Almost Gave up Dress’ from ‘The Feminine Wardrobe’.


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