The Flora Skirt

So this was totally meant to be a post about the Flora dress but alas it didn’t quite get that far yet. There will be a dress (there WILL be a dress)  but I had to alter the bodice top quite a lot. Mainly because, yet again, I failed to remember that I am a short-arse and that I probably should shorten the bodice before I cut it out. Having said that though it is easier to take stuff out that put it back in so mmmaaayyyybbeeee I did myself a favour. I’m gonna roll with that anyway.


This number is made from a polycotton I bought in Shepherd’s Bush, which I seem to have a ridiculous amount of and that’s great as I will also get the dress I wanted to make out of it too. Exciting times. I’m not entirely sure you can see the navy polka dots but they are there I promise.


I went for the dipped hem version and didn’t put a lining in because it was a bit of an express make. It was cobbled together after I realised I wasn’t going to get the whole thing finished for the ping pong party last Saturday night. That’s right folks, a ping pong party and no I was not by any stretch of the imagination any good. Unless hitting the ball at the ceiling counts?


  We took these pictures in a really pretty spot in Kennington Park. The waist is slightly big but that’s ok because I have room for more cake. There should always be room for more cake!

And this next picture my friends is my ‘American Apparel’ pose according to my boyfriend. I quite like it cos my feet look big, my feet never look big…


And finally here is a wind swept pouty face and thankfully my face didn’t get stuck like that.


So there you have it, my first of hopefully many, ‘By Hand London’ makes. Watch this space for an actual dress hopefully before the end of the May!

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