Betty Dress

I made this dress for a wedding that I went to last week with my boyfriend in Dubrovnik. I had known about the wedding since March and obviously I left the sewing of it til two weeks before the date, genius I know! Despite the short deadline I am very pleased with it. Still needs tweaking ever so slightly but that’s probably only because I am such an anal perfectionist…


I had to do quite a lot of alterations to the pattern – mainly because I cut out a straight size 10 which is a bit bigger than me in places. Being very narrowed shouldered I had to alter the position of the straps so they actually sat on my shoulders rater than hanging off the side, not such a great look, who knew?! Also, I took in the waist slightly, altered the neck line so it wasn’t gapey and had to take in the centre back quite a lot so everything didn’t gape open there too.


Thought there were points when I nearly didn’t bother. Particularly the time that everything was almost fixed; my boyfriend had pinned out the excess in the back and me being the complete dummy for got to mark the alteration.  Got home and thought “oh I’ll just wing it, it’ll be fine!’ It was not fine, lesson of the day don’t guess the alteration lines, it is not good for your sanity or the alcohol levels in your blood.


The fabric I used was the Amiee Poplin from Fabric Godmother. This is such a great website, my money would quite happily all be spent on it. I lined the whole dress with an old bed sheet (classy I know) and it worked splendidly. I was a bit worried about the fabric on its own being see through and giving everyone a free show. Not so appropriate at a wedding!

 The Sew Over It Betty Dress is also great, the pattern instructions are super easy to follow and it has the simplest all-in-one facing I have ever sewn. There was no swearing at all and that my friends is a rarity, particularly when sewing one of those. I was once shown a magical way of sewing one at college, still can’t remember it and I’m beginning to think I might of dreamed it up!


So there you have it! That’s my Betty, she’s most definitely a keeper and I will be most definitely be making another one – right after I finish my Flora who is waiting in the wings for some much need sewing love.


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