High Hopes

So after a five month blog hiatus I’m back! Back like never before, well err hopefully anyway! After the glorious Betty Dress, well during the trip that the Betty Dress was worn, my boyfriend and I decided to move in together which was a ridiculously exciting time. Then an epic clearout began and the blog was pushed to the sidelines. Sometimes life takes over and that’s not a bad thing, it’s given me time to evaluate what I want to write about and the direction that I would like my life to head towards.

So this tiny space on the interweb is going to be devoted to everything that makes me happy. As for too long I’ve concentrated on everything that makes me unhappy and why I shouldn’t do things because I can’t do things and that nothing is ever good enough. Well enough of that, I’m thirty now and yes that happened but the world didn’t implode so I guess it’s all going to be good.

There are many high hopes for the times ahead and I’ll be doing my damndest to turn them into reality.

And as there’s not much left to say here are some pictures of Burgess Park on Christmas Day!


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