African Flower Blanket

I spent this Christmas in London with my boyfriend’s family visiting from Poland and it was great. I drank too much vodka with his Dad and his Mum showed me how to crochet. What more could you want from the holidays?!

I had begun to teach myself through videos on YouTube but had only mastered the basic granny square, which was ok but I wanted more! In last month’s Mollie Makes magazine there was a beautiful  African Flower blanket designed by the lovely Messyla and it was love at first sight. So with the help of my boyfriend’s Mum, I am now well on the way, she figured it out by just looking at the pictures – that’s some serious skills.

The goal has been set to finish the blanket by the end of February, that’s probably quite a feat but I am determined. I have set myself a target of one and a half squares a day which is kinda happening. So fingers crossed and watch this space!

Here are the squares so far…


4 thoughts on “African Flower Blanket

  1. Lynne says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous! And what a skill to be able to work out the pattern from the squares. A blanket made from these will be lovely. Good luck with it!

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