Wardrobe Architect 2015

Over on the Colette blog they’re re-starting the wardrobe architect challenge for 2015, that is if any of you folks didn’t know already. I remember reading about the process last year and thinking what a good idea it was but not being nearly prepared enough to start. So here we are a year later and I’m still nowhere near organised but  I’m going to give it a bash anyway!

There are many reasons why I wanted to do this, to push myself to sew more and to learn new skills but then main reason is that I never really think of my projects as a whole. It’s normally ‘oh that looks nice, yes it’s a party dress but I always need party dresses’ but never really what’s actually missing from my wardrobe.  I will still be sewing party dresses, obviously, but I’m planning a more practical approach to my sewing and my wardrobe.

One of the steps is to define your core style and this is something which has always clashed in my mind. My mental picture of my core style is always slightly more elegant and refined than what actually happens when I leave the house. So this is the perfect opportunity for them to meet in the middle somewhere and for once be harmonious. Well that’s the plan.

The way I would describe my personal style at the moment is fun, bright, floral and a little bit retro – I would like to change things up and push forward in a new direction as I’m now in a new decade but most importantly I want to keep it bright and fun. How we dress is how we express ourselves to the world and I’d like to make that expression even bolder and sewing my own clothes makes me incredibly proud of what I’m wearing.

I’m beginning to research shapes and styles and have taken a few pictures of the patterns I want to start with. I would like to add to what I already have, buy selectively and actually draft my own as I fear my patterning cutting brain is dying a slow death from under-use and neglect.

So here’s the start for your perusal and I’ll be working on a lot more in the coming weeks!


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