Pushing forward towards spring

It hasn’t been such a funtime in these parts for the past few weeks , apart from the usual February doldrums I have been harassed by all manner of lurgies and I’ve felt like a snot monster most of the time, attractive I know. But hopefully the worst is over and we are indeed hurtling towards spring.

Despite all the snot induced woe I have been doing quite a bit of selfless making in the form of some presents for some very dear friends, the first of which I bring you today.

In issue 49 of Mollie Makes there is a very cut embroidery pattern for a very rare hare which I decided to turn into a cushion for my wonderful friend Iris. It was her 30th so I wanted to make her something really special and after quite a lot of swearing and some help from my lovely boyfriend I’m really pleased with the results.

I had  trouble sewing the central piece to the border but I got there in the end, there’s probably an easier way to do it ,rather than the convoluted way I was trying but I got there in the end. The next one will be easier I’m sure.

The cushion inside was made with fabric scraps and is surprisingly soft and it’s such a great way to recycle them. I’ve been desperate to try it out for a while and I’d highly recommend using some of your scraps up this way. Makes me feel better anyway, there were at least two toiles used in the stuffing of this cushion!

For now there will be a bit of selfish sewing squeezed in to the next few weeks before the next birthday!!


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