Braided Cable Cowl

Well friends the sun is shining, I’m listening to Ray Charles and the balcony door is open so this is probably not the most weather appropriate post but what you gonna do? Drink more coffee and  write about the braided cowl I knitted for my friend’s birthday last month!

I spotted this lovely little number on the Purl Soho Instagram feed and I thought a present for a super friend would be a good excuse to get my knit on! I used completely different yarn and needles  from the pattern not just because I’m a knitting rebel but also because there was quite a narrow time limit involved so I had to take whatever the delights of the John Lewis haberdashery could offer. The results aren’t too shabby, I used Rowan’s Big Wool and 10 mm needles. It’s bigger than the original and I think a less chunky knit might make the cables slightly more defined but it still looks good.

It just so happens that I managed to guess my friends favorite colour which was most definitely a win. Speaking of wins, this was for the friend that convinced me to buy that most awesome flamingo fabric. She’s a keeper and most deserving of knitted gifting!

So there you have it! I would definitely recommend this pattern if you want some cable practice and an interesting, quick knit.

I’m working on my first knitted garment and it’s very nearly finished so hopefully I’ll be able to share it with you soon. It’s gonna make me look like and ice-cream and it’s going to be great!


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