A Coco for the weekend

For a while now I’ve dreamed of making a stripey Coco, probably ever since I made the first one waaaayyy over a year ago and now I finally have it!

I love how quickly this pattern comes together, it took me longer to match up the stripes than it did to make the dress which is always a win. Well maybe not the stripe matching ,that was almost a win but they match in the important places!

I decided to do a contrast binding to finish the neckline and it really helped me not stretch the neckline which I had an issue with last time I sewed this pattern. I have sewn with knit fabric a couple of times since then and that’s probably helped too.

I shortened the dress a bit as the stripes are so wide I felt it looked better with a bit of the length loped off . This time round I also added the sleeve cuffs and the patch pockets, I bloody love it!

This is a double whammy  of a me-made post as you’ve also got my Colour Affection scarf in there too! Although I love it now it took me over 6 months to knit it, I was mostly knitting it between calls at work but still it took an age. I’m very glad I persevered though as it has kept me warm and cosy though all this weird weather we’re having !

So there you have! Here’s to a lovely long weekend friends, which for once I’m not working for most of it. Hope you all have a super time filled with some sewing related fun!



2 thoughts on “A Coco for the weekend

  1. Lynne says:

    This is fab! I love the pink cuffs and pockets. I also absolutely LOVE your Colour Affection shawl. That pattern has been in my queue for a while, and the colours you’ve used are amazing.

    • tinieststitcher says:

      Thank you so much! My sister gave me the yarn and the pattern for a Christmas present because I liked hers so much. The pattern is great and quite quick to begin with but it does take a while when those short rows get longer and longer! Totally worth it though, hope to see yours when you manage to get round to it. You must let me know how you find it 🙂

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