Sneaky sewing and a day of surprises!

So folks I had the most exciting time doing some sneaky sewing for Sew Over it at the beginning of August. And man did I feel like such a sneak, I was bursting to show off after I’d finished the Joan dress but I managed to sit on my hands and here she is!


I love this dress, the fit isn’t quite right yet but I love it all the same. Sometimes you have to just let some fit issues go and come back with a fresh pair of eyes. I’m trying to encourage myself to to this more as I struggle with the fitting process. It often fluctuates between I can fix this, this is shit, I’m shit, someone pass me the wine please and oh feck it, it’ll do! So I suppose this is my very wearable toile but because I am so nit picky I still want to refine the fit!

I made adjustments to the length of the skirt as it was nearly at my ankles, oh the joys of being a short arse! And there may be slightly too much taken off the bodice length as it sits a bit high on the waist but never mind for now. I need to do a narrow shoulder adjustment, some other minor things and then it’ll be just perfect. I’m thinking about drafting a sailor collar for it and then it might possibly be the sailor dress of my dreams.

The keen eyed among may spot that my neck tie is on the wrong side, that’s because I can’t tell my left from my right. If I was ever the protagonist in a Shakespearean tragedy my fatal flaw would be be inability to make the correct left/right decisions. There was one time when the wrong turn was taken and I ended up almost on the dual carriageway walking back towards central London in completely the wrong direction. My friend’s have never let me live that one down! And then there’s stage right and stage left = MY MIND BLOWN! Anyway the moral of this tale is double check your lefts and rights but also the tie works both ways. Tah Dah!

I gave this beaut of a dress a test drive when my boyfriend took me out for a surprise afternoon tea for my birthday. It was so great, there was champagne, tea and ALL THE CAKE. He is the absolute best. We went on to have a cocktail at the Savoy afterwards, it was all very fancy and this is the best thing about this pattern, you can’t help but feel very fancy wearing it!

So cheers guys, thanks for reading and thank you to Sew Over It for giving me their pattern to test.


*Please note although I was given the pattern all the opinions shared are my own


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