The Betty-Ann

Well Hello there!

I’d like to tell you about the pattern love-child I made, it’s the By Hand London Anna bodice with the Sew Over It Betty skirt. I could of made my own circle skirt pattern to go with it but these two fitted together so nicely without any faffing, so Betty-Ann was made and I will have The Beach Boys Barbara Ann stuck in my head forever more!

I decided to try out some nicer seam finishes for this one by using Hong Kong seams on the inside of the bodice and I found an exciting tape for the waist-stay. I was using some super tropical rayon which was not my friend for the entire journey but we made friend’s by the end after quite a bit of swearing. It still hasn’t apologized for being so shifty but as it looks so pretty I’m going to go ahead and forgive it anyway!

Whilst doing the fitting, according to my measurements I should have needed a full bust adjustment, but then found I didn’t need one, do you ladies of the fuller bust always add this adjustment? I’m sure it’s something that I should be doing on most patterns as I have a bigger than standard cup size but a tiny back. This is probably something that I’ll figure out eventually  but at least I got some practise in and the sew-along on the By Hand London blog is super dooper.

I made this dress for a wedding I went to with my Boyfriend in Poland at the beginning of September, we had a super time, did a lot of dancing and a lot of eating which was not so comfortable in my fitted dress!

These pictures weren’t taken in Poland but at Hampton Court after a trip to The Handmade Fair, did any of you guys go? We had a good time and I particularly enjoyed the churros! I also bagged the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes pattern and the wool issue of Pom Pom magazine, which was mega excited after reading Sonja’s post the morning I went!

I am very pleased with the dress there is a bit of gaping at the front neckline but I’m ignoring it. It’ll be easy enough to get rid of on the next version I make. It’s such a super pattern, the Anna, I can see why it’s so popular. I can see a midi length version with a split in my future.

I’m going to leave you with some jumping pics which I seam incapable of pulling off without looking like a complete tool. Turns out I can’t jump and keep my mouth closed at the same time. Who knew?


6 thoughts on “The Betty-Ann

  1. SewSouthLondon says:

    It’s a fantastic dress! I love the color and the swish of the skirt. How do you plan to take the gape out of the front neckline? I have just made my first Anna and it’s a good fit apart from a minor bit of front gaping at the neck.

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