Some Seamwork Love

Well Hello there!

How’s your Monday treating you folks? I had a weekend off which is usual for me as I work quite a lot weekends. I mostly hung out with my boyfriend, ate lots of food and bought some house plants. It was a good time!

A couple of weeks ago I ran up an Astoria pattern from Colette’s  Seamwork magazine, I haven’t made as many patterns from there as I would like but this is my second Astoria. I really love this pattern, it’s great for high-waisted skirts and I’ve also layered my other one over dresses so it’s super dooper for the colder weather winging its way. It’s always exciting for me to find another garment to layer with in the winter months. During the cold weather I have been known to attempt to wear my entire wardrobe before leaving the house. Who likes being cold though am I right?

The fabric is some I had left over from a yet unblogged Lady Skater dress, there’s quite a lot of makes that haven’t been documented yet but it’s getting there! It’s a digital print scuba fabric that I picked up on a trip to Dublin way back in April. It was very satisfying to get it out of the pieces that were hanging around in my stash!

Has anyone else got Seamwork patterns in their queue? Next on my list are the Oslo cardigan and the Bristol skirt and I just may do some selfless sewing with something from the recent menswear issue.

This beauty was debuted at the launch of the sewing social network The Foldline, are you guys on there yet? Isn’t it exciting to have a place that’s all about the sewing! We had a great time, drank too much fizzy and met lots of lovely, lovely people!

And on that note I’m going to leave you with some jazz hands because well jazz hands.

Hope you all have a super sewing filled week!



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