The Blue Leopard Dress

Hi pals!

Hope the New Year is treating you well, even though the weather is a bit grim at the moment! It’s been a while and I’m excited to share this dress with you.

This was meant to be my New Year’s Eve dancing dress but alas having to work through Christmas and the holidays meant there wasn’t enough time to finish it. As a result I ended up rushing the fitting process and having a dress that I can’t quite move my arms in. Will that stop me from wearing it; probably not. It’s perfectly fine for cocktail drinking and some moderate dance moves!

This number is the Lolita dress from Make my Lemonade. I am in love with the site, it’s so great. There are video tutorials for all the patterns and though they are in French, which I am by no means fluent in, they are pretty visual so it’s easy to follow along with them and the same goes for the instruction booklet. I also found it really interesting to learn some new vocabulary because I’m a word nerd.

I spotted this fabric on the Textile Centre’s Ebay store and I knew straight away that this was perfect for this dress. The lining fabric was from their shop in Walthamstow, I went there with Elle the lovely Lauralovepugs on Instagram. I was lucky enough to get to hang out with her at the beginning of December and she was kinda enough to stop me from buying all the fabric in the shop!

I bloody love this dress and I’m determined to get the fit right, I’m thinking of maybe making one in some scuba fabric and I also need to do another toile of the bodice. I’ve already done an FBA but the armholes are too small and I think I need to take some from the centre front and hopefully we’ll be there. Lesson learnt on this one is that crazy self imposed deadlines are not worth rushing fitting!

You also may have noticed that we have a cat! She’s called Bibi and we re-homed her from a friend. It’s super having a feline companion again! Here’s picture of me pulling a funny face and Bibi practising her blue steel for the camera.


That’s all from me! Hope you all have a super week!


10 thoughts on “The Blue Leopard Dress

  1. fionaparker17 says:

    This is stunning! I love how you’ve picked out the turquoise in the fabric!
    It’s so great to hear a good report on Make My Lemonade. I’ve been tempted by lots of their designs for a while now but didn’t want to take the plunge without knowing a little more! Might have to try now

    • tinieststitcher says:

      Thank you so much! I also have another pattern of theirs that I’m desperate to make! I would advise making a toile as the armholes and sleeves are a bit weirdly small but other than that the pattern is great! 🙂

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